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A Day at PSA begins in Cubby Cove, where you and your child will meet friends and store belongings. From here, it’s quick good-byes as children are greeted and welcomed into their home-base classroom.

The school day starts with “Circle Time,” a time to discuss matters of importance, share thoughts and plan the day. Daily Circle Time activities include the alphabet, phonemic awareness, numbers, shapes, calendar and weather. Song and movement are used to express and reinforce these concepts. Pre-K and Kindergarten classes may incorporate higher level skill building in reading, math, current events and geography.

Following Circle Time, classes will rotate throughout the school to our theme-based classrooms. Students may have a science lesson in Newton’s Orchard, or create an artistic masterpiece in Picasso’s Place. Imagination Station, our dramatic play area, provides an opportunity to role-play grown-up jobs as well as explore the world through the art of pretend. Learning Lab is the perfect place for cutting, drawing, puzzles and other manipulative that help to develop fine motor skills. Music and dance classes take place in Beat Street, which is also home to our computer lab. Our balanced program provides ample time for free play and physical activity in our spacious, fenced-in play yard, or in our full-sized gymnasium! Our multi-purpose playroom, Jellystone Park, provides space for special presentations and gatherings. The children sit down together to eat snacks and lunch and to socialize, while our full-day students will also have time for rest or nap. Our exciting afternoon program is filled with structured enrichment activities, organized games, free play and story time.