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Our Facility

  • Beat Street

    Park Street Academy

    PSA students love spending time in Beat Street! In this hip room, you might find our Dance Club kids moving to the beat on our dance floor or our music classes playing instruments and learning about all genres of music.

  • Computer Lab

    Over in the Computer Lab, students might be learning in small groups or spending time playing educational games on the computers.
    Either way, it’s a fun place to be!

  • Learning Lab

    Lots of fun things happen here, as the Freshmen have a blast during their interactive Circle Time and the entire school enjoys art in our Picasso Place section as well as small group learning, puzzles, fine motor manipulatives and books to read.

  • Picasso Place

    Picasso Place, located in Learning Lab, is the perfect spot for our talented artists to create a beautiful artistic masterpiece! Here students learn fine motor skills, explore their creativity and expand their artistic vocabulary while getting
    messy and having fun.

  • Hallways

    Walking down our spacious hallways is where you will find bulletin boards showing off kids’ artwork as well as our Today We postings, where parents can read all about the important work done
    for the school day!

  • Imagination Station

    Feel like being a construction worker, ballerina, firefighter, chef or astronaut? Perhaps you would like to prepare a meal or go shopping at the food market? Maybe you’re in the mood to try to balance or feel cool things with your sense of touch. If any of those activities appeal to you, then you are sure to love Imagination Station! This dramatic play room is equipped with dress-up clothes, foam building blocks, trucks, cars, pretend food…just about anything to spark your imagination!

  • Jellystone Park

    Jellystone Park is our multi-purpose room where students spend time playing or gather for special programming. We also welcome visitors from throughout the community to present on topics including fire safety, beekeeping
    and multicultural studies.

  • Playground

    Our spacious fenced in playground is the perfect place to climb, slide, play with our giant tic-tac- toe board, sell some ice cream in James’ Place or run around the free space area playing tag or kicking a soccer ball! Children learn to negotiate, share, pretend and take turns while they enjoy the outdoors and develop their gross motor skills.

  • Rain Forest Cafe

    Eating snack, lunch or preparing food for our Kid’s Cafe class is always fun to do in our
    very own Rainforest Cafe!

  • Sensory Station

    In early childhood, many children experience sensory processing issues. Sensory Station is a therapeutic room where students can address all of these needs. For example, they may relax in “Cozy Corner” with noise cancelling headphones to manage sensory overload, or engage with fun, hands-on activities that encourage tactile stimulation for children who are more sensory seeking.

  • Gym

    Our gym gives us a big open place to run and play during inclement weather, and is perfect for hosting our annual dance recital or practicing Super Sports, part of our optional afternoon programming.

  • Freshman Classroom

    The Freshman are our youngest students, and for many this is their first experience being away from a parent or caregiver. They spend lots of time in their home-base classroom, where students learn the fundamentals of being in school and making new friends. Class begins with a 10-minute “Circle Time” and the day includes concrete, developmentally-appropriate activities to help them being learning letters, shapes, colors and numbers.

  • Sophomore Classroom

    In the Sophomore classroom you’ll find a “check-in” board where students place their name when they arrive each morning. This year, we extend Circle Time by 5-10 minutes and reinforce phoenimc awareness and letter recognition. Students also start to learn what each letter sounds like and get their first introduction to sight words.

  • Senior South Classroom

    The Senior South classroom is adjacent to Jellystone Park and shares the same curriculum as Senior North. In Senior South, students enjoy an expanded “Circle Time” each morning and are introduced to the Wilson Foundations Reading Program, a multi-sensory, structured language program utilizing a variety of visual materials and sight words.

  • Senior North Classroom

    Senior North shares their home-base classroom with Beat Street and the Computer Lab, in addition to moving throughout PSA for different activities during the day. This class is usually comprised of our older 4s and 5s and may include some of our Kindergarten students, but partners with the Senior South students for a variety of special trips and works collaboratively on large projects such as the annual Pow Wow, SAM Art Show, and more.